Pestil and Its Benefits

What are the Benefits of Pestil?

Fruit pulp, one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine, is a food that is prepared in the summer and dried in the sun to be consumed in winter. Thanks to its high nutritional value, fruit pulp products are frequently consumed in the winter months, as they increase the body's resistance.

Pestil is a sweet delicacy that is frequently consumed in all our cities. Fruit pulp, approved by the Turkish Patent Institute, has become a sector in Gümüşhane.

The types of fruit pulp that people prefer to consume in order to meet their sweet needs naturally are plain pulp, walnut pulp, hazelnut pulp or almond pulp. Dried fruit pulp; It is a food product that is formed as a result of harvesting fruits with high sugar content such as grapes, sour cherries and mulberries in their seasons and blending them with milk, flour and molasses. Fruit pulp becomes ready in about 8-10 days depending on the sugar and water ratio of the fruits. The made fruit pulp is collected in thin layers and consumed either by cutting into rolls or squares.

What are the Benefits of Pestil?

In addition to its pestil flavor, it provides numerous benefits to the human body with its high nutritional value.

  • It strengthens and regulates the immune system due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals in its content.
  • It helps in the regeneration of tissues and cells in the body.
  • Pestil is rich in phosphorus, calcium, zinc and magnesium minerals.
  • Fruit pulp containing selenium is protective against cardiovascular diseases and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Thanks to its rich nutritional value, it increases body strength.
  • If consumed regularly, it solves the problem of infertility in men thanks to the zinc it contains.
  • Thanks to its consumption in winter months, it is protective against diseases.
  • It helps to eliminate anemia problems.

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