Nuts of Different Kinds

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Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios

Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios

Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios We prepare carefully selected new crop, pistachios in a fresh and natural way and present them to you. Our pistachios are the kind that we call...
Roasted Hazelnuts - Refa Gida

Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted Hazelnuts Roasted hazelnut, which is the most favourite of the hazelnut varieties, is carefully selected and extracted for you from high-quality and natural Giresun hazelnuts grown in our country. ...
Butterfly in Walnut Kernel

Butterfly in Walnut Kernel

Butterfly in Walnut Kernel Our walnuts of domestic production grown in the Kesan region of Edirne are obtained by collecting them from local producers and completely without additives, separating them...
Pistachio Kernel - Refa Gida

Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio Kernel Specially harvested pistachios kernels produced by our farmer from his own garden by natural methods between July and August of each year are known as the best pistachios...
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - Refa Gida

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds We roast the milky pumpkin seeds which contain minimal oil and are known for their unique flavor in stone ovens over wood fires in Cappadocia and bring...
White Roasted Chickpea - Refa Gida

White Roasted Chickpea

White Roasted Chickpea Unique to the elazig region, roasted chickpea, which is produced with chickpeas, sand and oak ash, is famous for its special roasting technique and taste. Carefully selected...
Pistachio Flour - Refa Gida

Pistachio Flour

Pistachio Flour We offer you a carefully selected new crop, a fresh and natural grinding of pistachios. Our product that will crown your desserts will become one of your indispensables....
Roasted Local Almonds - Refa Gida

Roasted Local Almonds

Roasted Local Almonds Nurlu Almond, an endemic type, is the most famous almond of Datça. Nurlu almond, which has a great taste and juiciness, is very rich in vitamin E....
Mixed Nuts - REFA GIDA

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts Our nut pack, which we created especially for consumers who can't decide and can't give up any flavor, will be the perfect addition to your joyful moments of...