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Strained Honey - Refa Gida

Strained Honey

Strained Honey We collect honey from the wild and endemic flowers of the Kars region, one of the most beautiful flowers of the mountains, produced by worker bees, and bring...
green olive

Green Olive XL - Authentic Mediterranean Olives

Akhisar Green Olive XL Discover the Mediterranean's finest with our Akhisar Green Olive XL, a gourmet treasure for olive aficionados. These olives are not just large in size but are...
Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL The characteristic of black olive, which has a special place in our country, which is very rich in terms of olive diversity, emerges when it...
Natural Comb Honey - Refa Gida

Natural Comb Honey

Natural Comb Honey Honey Our Honey, which is one of the precious honey types. Karakovan honey, which is a type of honey obtained with extracts collected from different flower flora from...
ilikli kemik suyu fiyatları

Bone Marrow Broth

Bone Marrow Broth Since bone marrow beef bones are cooked in a bain-marie (steaming) method in a 36-hour period without seeing fire, they contain a high amount of collagen. our...
Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka - Dough

Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka (Dough)

Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka (Dough) Our yufkas, opened by traditional methods, will be your indispensable supporter that you can use in delicious recipes and with its thin structure and...
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Our 100% pure cold pressed natural extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first olive harvest of the Akhisar region. Our extra virgin...
Local Sesame Natural Tahini

Local Sesame Natural Tahini

Local Sesame Natural Tahini It is obtained by cold pressing method that you will feel the aroma of sesame roasted intensively by resting on the wood fire of the local...
Grape Pekmez (Molasses)

Grape Pekmez (Molasses)

Grape Pekmez (Molasses) 100% natural additive-free grape molasses is prepared using traditional farming methods, with genetically preserved, natural and additive-free grapes without adding sugar. Naturally, you can consume as you...
keçi boynuzu pekmezi

Carob Pekmez (Molasses)

Carob Pekmez (Molasses) Our molasses is one of nature's most powerful food sources, carob fruits carefully selected from harnup trees, known as carob. Our carob molasses, which is collected from...
andız pekmezi nedir

Andiz Pekmez (Molasses)

Andiz Pekmez (Molasses)   Obtained from the cones of a unique species of pine found in the Mediterranean region, Andiz Molasses is a one-of-a-kind product for health-conscious individuals. Its distinctive...
Black Mulberry Pekmez - Molasses

Black Mulberry Pekmez (Molasses)

Black Mulberry Pekmez (Molasses) Our black mulberry molasses, a rich iron source antioxidant store, which we have prepared by going through a deep boiling and filtration process with traditional methods,...