Dried Fruits

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Dried Figs - Aydın Mountain Figs

Dried Figs (Aydın Mountain Figs)

Dried Figs We present to you the natural mountain fig, dried on its own branch and grown in the mountainous regions of Aydın İncirliova, the homeland of figs. Made in...
Sun Dried Apricot - Refa Gida

Sun Dried Apricot

Sun Dried Apricot Apricots dried in the sun and without any additives are on your tables with all their flavor.We collect the apricots that its homeland, Malatya presents to the...
Kilis Black Raisin - Refa Gida

Kilis Black Raisin

Kilis Black Raisin Large, long and plump raisins with seeds are collected, marinated in olive oil, dried and brought to your table.Raisins, which have antioxidant properties with proven anti-aging effect,...
Dried Paradise Palm Fruit

Dried Paradise Palm Fruit

Dried Paradise Palm Fruit Dried Paradise Palm Fruit, which is prepared by collecting before it becomes completely ripe and dried by peeling its shells, is also known as persimmon among...
Dried Mulberry - Refa Gida

Dried Mulberry

Dried Mulberry In case it loses the properties of fresh mulberry, our product, which is prepared by drying our freshly collected mulberries within a few hours, will be good for...
Acve Date - Refa Gida

Acve Date - Premium Acve Black Dates Fruit from Dubai

Acve Date Experience the exquisite taste and nutritional richness of our Black Dates, a premium offering of Acve Black Dates Fruit straight from the bounteous palms of Dubai. Each black...
Strawberry Crisp - Refa Gida

Strawberry Crisp

Strawberry Crisp In season, we choose strawberries that are high in antioxidants, dry them, and convert them into long-lasting snacks. This irresistible strawberry taste is on its way to you,...
Dried Melon - Refa Gida

Dried Melon

Dried Melon We collect and dry the ripest melons of the harvest period, which are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and make them safe for tropical fruit fans to consume...
Mixed Dried Fruit - REFA GIDA

Mixed Dried Fruit

Mixed Dried Fruit We've gathered all of the dry fruit kinds we obtained during first harvest and dried them for you using natural ways.