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Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka - Dough

Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka (Dough)

Hand Rolled Daily Fresh Yufka (Dough) Our yufkas, opened by traditional methods, will be your indispensable supporter that you can use in delicious recipes and with its thin structure and...
Çanakkale Ezine Cheese - Refa Gida

Çanakkale Ezine Cheese

Çanakkale Ezine Cheese Crushed cheese made with the milk of animals raised in Mount Ida is produced using 75% goat's milk and only shirden yeast. We bring you ezine cheese,...
Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios

Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios

Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios We prepare carefully selected new crop, pistachios in a fresh and natural way and present them to you. Our pistachios are the kind that we call...
Erzincan Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

Erzincan Tulum Cheese

Erzincan Tulum Cheese Tulum cheese gains its bright appearance and smell by being kept for 90 days in the cool air of the highlands. Our cheese made from the milk...
İzmir Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

İzmir Tulum Cheese

İzmir Tulum Cheese It is got from the mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk of the regions located in the northern and western parts of Mount Ida. Izmir tulum...
Dried Figs - Aydın Mountain Figs

Dried Figs (Aydın Mountain Figs)

Dried Figs We present to you the natural mountain fig, dried on its own branch and grown in the mountainous regions of Aydın İncirliova, the homeland of figs. Made in...
green olive

Green Olive XL - Authentic Mediterranean Olives

Akhisar Green Olive XL Discover the Mediterranean's finest with our Akhisar Green Olive XL, a gourmet treasure for olive aficionados. These olives are not just large in size but are...
Turkish Double Walnut Sausage

Turkish Double Walnut Sausage

Turkish Double Walnut Sausage A mixture wonderful flavor of natural grape molasses and starch that comes from stuffing with the best quality walnuts and drying. Production place: Gümüşhane
Roasted Hazelnuts - Refa Gida

Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted Hazelnuts Roasted hazelnut, which is the most favourite of the hazelnut varieties, is carefully selected and extracted for you from high-quality and natural Giresun hazelnuts grown in our country. ...
Kars Kashkaval Cheese - Refa Gida

Kars Kashkaval Cheese

Kars Kashkaval Cheese After the production of kashkaval cheese prepared using the milk of cattle grazing in high-altitude plateaus, it is rested in special cellars. It is prepared by using...
Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL The characteristic of black olive, which has a special place in our country, which is very rich in terms of olive diversity, emerges when it...
antep peyniri nasıl basılır

Antep Cheese - Traditional Flavor of Gaziantep

Antep Cheese We deliver our cheese, which is produced by boiling in water with the milk of sheep or goats fed in the springs in the highlands in the Gaziantep...