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Unique Local Flavors of Turkey
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Homemade Red Pepper Paste

Homemade Red Pepper Paste

Homemade Chili Paste The peppers used for homemade chili paste, the harbinger of autumn, are prepared and dried with great effort on the hottest days of the summer months. You...
Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana - Refa Gida

Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana

Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana Yöresel ürünler arasında yer alan Uşak tarhanası, uzun süre bozulmaması ve tazeliğini koruması için doğal malzemelerle özenle ve özenle hazırlanır. Bağışıklık sisteminin tacı olan Uşak tarhanası,...
Homemade Tomato Paste - Refa Gida

Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade Tomato Paste The use of tomato paste, which is the wild card element of every dish, is limited only by your imagination. Sun-dried tomato paste, in the Mediterranean region,...
Pomegranate Sour - Refa Gida

Pomegranate Sour

Pomegranate Sour Pomegranate syrup, one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine is a product obtained by caramelizing the sugar in pomegranate juice and evaporating its juice. Pomegranate syrup, which...
Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios - Refa Gida

Manisa Pickled Leaf

Manisa Pickled Leaf The white grape leaves, which are soft and without veins and are meticulously picked while the leaves are fresh, are pickled in a natural way so that...
Dried Eggplant - Refa Gida

Dried Eggplant

Dried Eggplant Bell dried eggplant is among the indispensable tastes of Antep cuisine. It is natural and unadulterated and is prepared by drying in the sun. The aroma of Karabakh...
Maras Thin Chips Tarhana

Maras Thin Chips Tarhana

Maras Thin Chips Tarhana The famous flavor of Kahramanmaraş, the Maraş tarhana prepared uniquely, is both a satisfying and delicious food. Chips tarhana, peeled skins of wheat are cooked with...
Sun Dried Tomatoes - Refa Gida

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes The choice of tomato for drying tomatoes for the winter is extremely important. We bring you the dried version of the well-ripened crimson village tomatoes called pear...
Sun Dried Bell Pepper -  Refa Gida

Sun Dried Bell Pepper

Sun Dried Bell Pepper Our dried bell peppers, which are collected in season, washed after being carefully selected, peeled and dried in the sun by stringing them on a string,...
Dried Zucchini - Refa Gida

Dried Zucchini

Dried Zucchini Dried Zucchini, which is known and recognized not only in our country but all over the world, stands out with its unique savor and taste. The zucchini collected...
Full Wheat Flour Noodle - Eriste

Full Wheat Flour Noodle (Eriste)

Full Wheat Flour Noodle (Eriste) The dough, which is kneaded in natural ways in a village environment, is opened and cut, then dried and packaged. The features that distinguish our...
Noodles - Eriste with Vegetables

Noodles(Eriste) with Vegetables

Noodles(Eriste) with Vegetables It is made by adding vegetables to our traditionally homemade noodles. Vegetable Noodles are made from a mixture of beetroot, spinach, carrot, tomato and pepper noodles. Vegetable...