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Sahlep - Refa Gida


Sahlep The warm drink of chilly winter days, prepared by drying and grinding the salep plant into powder after being harvested, is at your door with a click. Production place: ...
Natural Linden Tea - Refa Gida

Natural Linden Tea

Natural Linden Tea Linden blossoms, which are among the plants that charm people with both their scents and flavors from the medical stores supplied by nature, will be the best...
Turkish Coffee - Refa Gida

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee For you to acquire the flavor of the Turkish recipe with the mix of foamy coffee and grinds, we've gathered the best coffee beans from the Arabian Peninsula....
Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea We deliver you Turkish tea from the gardens of Rize, which does not need pesticides in its collection and cultivation due to Turkey's natural environment.
Natural Sage - Refa Gida

Natural Sage

Natural Sage Sage is a leafy and perennial herb belonging to the family of labiatae. Sage, which grows on its own in the mountain foothills in the Southern regions of...
Turpentine Coffee - Refa Gida

Turpentine Coffee

Turpentine Coffee Turpentine coffee is a flavor that ranks high on the list of coffee enthusiasts because of its soft drink and caffeine-free taste. It is made by roasting and...