What is Pomegranate Sour?

What are the Benefits of Pomegranate Sour?

Pomegranate is a granular fruit consumed with its sour and sweetness. Pomegranate syrup, which is mainly used in the Mediterranean region and also in other regions, is a type of sauce used to flavor foods such as salads and vinaigrettes, which are prepared by cleaning and sorting the pomegranates collected in the season, and prepared by various processes.

Pomegranate syrup, which has a sour taste, also leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. It is produced by caramelizing the sugar in pomegranate juice through certain processes and filtering the juice. Pomegranate syrup, which is frequently used in Hatay cuisine, resembles balsamic vinegar. Its structure is quite viscous. The pomegranates to be used in making pomegranate syrup should be large and have a sour flavor.

It is not objectionable for people on a diet to consume limited amounts of pomegranate syrup. However, excessive consumption can result in weight gain. While choosing pomegranate syrups bought from the market, it is important for health to choose pomegranate syrup without added sugar. The calorie amount of 200 ml of pomegranate syrup is 120kcal.

What are the Benefits of Pomegranate Sour?

Pomegranate syrup also contains the benefits of pomegranate fruit, which is its main raw material. Since pomegranate syrup is produced by extracting the juice of the pomegranate fruit, the amount of sugar is more viscous. Consumption of sufficient amount of pomegranate syrup provides many benefits to the body.

  • It is very effective in strengthening the immune system in the winter months when the body resistance decreases. In these months, pomegranate syrup can be consumed as well as pomegranate.
  • Pomegranate syrup, which is consumed by mixing with some water, is also good for oral health. It will minimize bleeding gums.
  • It has hypertension lowering properties.
  • It is heart friendly. It protects the heart vessels and reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • It has a diuretic effect.
  • It cuts diarrhea.
  • If the pomegranate syrup is consumed regularly, it balances the blood sugar rate in the body.
  • If it is consumed regularly in salads and vicious varieties, it makes the skin look bright.
  • It is very effective in healing kidney wounds.
  • It is effective against hoarseness and pneumonia.
  • It is among the resources referenced in the treatment of baldness.

    Preferring a glass bottle for the preservation of pomegranate syrup is very important for health. You can store it in a cool place without sunlight. If you want to buy the best and most natural pomegranate syrup, you can click on the Local Products category.


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