Important Points in Spice Selection

Spice Types and Usage Areas

Spice Types and Usage Areas

Spice varieties have been used frequently since ancient times in terms of healing diseases.

Today, especially in countries such as the Far East and India, fresh spice varieties, which are not missing from any meal, are also preferred as an alternative treatment or immune booster.

Organic spice; It is very attractive in terms of smell, taste, aroma and flavor.

It also gets richer in terms of smell and taste, especially when it is roasted while cooking.

Fresh spice varieties obtained by establishing plants and different foods and powdered are among the indispensables of Turkish cuisine.

Spices can also be produced by drying the underground stem (stem or root), onion flower bud, seed, fruit or leaf-like material of some types of plants.

Spice plants, which can be grown in almost all climatic conditions, are especially grown in tropical regions.

In particular, spice varieties such as cinnamon can be used for different purposes, both in powder form and in stick form.

What are the Spice Types?

Organic spice varieties are too numerous to count in our country and in the world.

Among the countless spice types, spice prices are also examined on a very wide scale.

Today, it will be enough to do a short research for the most suitable spice prices for every pocket and budget.

Spice prices generally vary according to the preferred spice and its amount.

The most commonly used spices in our country are sage, chili pepper, black pepper, cumin, allspice, black cumin, rosemary, white pepper, thyme, laurel, cinnamon, powdered red pepper, and sumac.

Sage is a spice that should be consumed especially as organic spice and fresh spice.

It is possible to use this spice, which grows in the Aegean region and is usually consumed in tea, in meals.

The flavor it adds is indisputable, especially when used in the resting phase of meat.

On the other hand, rosemary organic spice is a small, thick and intensely scented spice.

This fresh spice variety, which is very suitable for meat dishes, is frequently used in our country.

Thyme, on the other hand, is among the indispensable spices of the kitchens, whose name is mentioned with meats and grills.

It is also frequently used in soups.
Since cinnamon is a sweeter spice in terms of taste, it can generally be used in teas, desserts or different dishes.

It has an intense smell and aroma.

Therefore, it is very important to use it correctly.

Black pepper is one of the most preferred spices.

Black pepper, which is dry and consists of grains, has a bitter and intense taste.

It is present in almost every dish today and is used all over Turkey.

Spice prices vary depending on the type of spice, its quality, whether it is organic and fresh.



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