Roasted Hazelnut

What Are the Benefits of Roasted Hazelnuts?

What Are the Benefits of Roasted Hazelnuts?

Roasted hazelnuts are one of the most consumed nuts for their taste and wonderful smell.

In particular, roasted hazelnuts, which can be consumed both in meals, in desserts, and directly, are also very beneficial for health.

Hazelnut prices, which are among the dried fruit varieties, are very beneficial for health, both roasted and raw, and are frequently consumed in our country.

According to fruit shape and characteristics, hazelnuts grown in our country are divided into three groups.

These; Almond nuts are round nuts and pointed nuts.

The most important thing to consider when consuming roasted hazelnuts is; hazelnut quality and whether it is obtained from reliable places.

Roasted hazelnuts obtained by roasting organic, completely natural and high quality hazelnuts should be consumed.

Apart from this, roasted hazelnuts can be preferred by looking at the oil ratios.

What are the Hazelnut Types?

Round Almond Hazelnut: The shells of the round almond hazelnut variety are very thin.

The nut, which is the fruit of this nut, is quite pointed and long.

The average length of the shells of round almond hazelnuts is 2.5 cm, the average width is 1.5 cm, and the shell thickness is 1 mm.

It has a brown membrane on it.

The flesh of the inner fruit is crispy, the belly cavity is large.

The oil rate of this hazelnut, which has a 52% efficiency rate, is 58%. 645 in-shell hazelnuts weigh about 1 kilogram.

Flat Almond Hazelnut: Flat almond hazelnut variety has flat and long fruits on both sides.

The rind fruit, which expands from the table, narrows and takes the form of a blunt tip. The bark is a bright brown.

The shell is 14.93 mm long, 24.45 mm wide and 1.33 mm thick.

The umbilical cavity is large.

For those who pay attention to the oil ratio, the oil ratio of flat almond hazelnut is 49% and the oil ratio is 60%.

375 shelled hazelnuts come in approximately one kilo.

Değirmendere Hazelnut: The milldere hazelnut, which grows in the Değirmendere region from which it is named, is a very delicious type of hazelnut and its oil content is 55%. 555 in-shell hazelnuts come in an average kilo.

Pointed Hazelnut: Pointed hazelnut, on the other hand, is a hazelnut with a crispy flesh and an ivory color.

The fat ratio is approximately 66%. 615 shelled hazelnuts come in an average kilo.

Thin Black Hazelnut: Thin black hazelnut, which can be grown wherever hazelnuts are grown, is ivory color.

The fat content of fine black hazelnut is 69%. 630 in-shell hazelnuts come in an average kilo.

Bird Nut: Bird Nut gets its name because it is the favorite nut of birds.

It breaks very easily. The oil rate is 59%. 605 in-shell hazelnuts come in an average kilo.
Chubby Hazelnut: The plump hazelnut, which is grown in Giresun region in our country, is one of the most valuable hazelnut species.

Fat ratio of chubby hazelnut is 72%. 700 shelled hazelnuts come in about a kilo.

Roasted hazelnuts can be made from any type of hazelnut.

It can be selected by looking at the oil ratio according to preference.

It is among the indispensable dried fruit varieties in terms of smell, taste and nutritional values.



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