The Best Spices for Cookies

We aim to cheer up your tables and meals by always offering you the freshest, most organic and highest quality products. All spices, from salt to black pepper and cumin, are found in every home. These spices, which will both strengthen your health and add flavor to your meals, can take very standard dishes to a different flavor dimension. Sometimes, a little cinnamon, which you can add to the meat dishes you prepare, can take the gourmet levels of the whole meal to the next level. In some cases, mints that you can add to flavors can add a great refreshment to the sweet taste of your dessert. All these possibilities are of course possible from the rich and magical world of spices.


Spices are indispensable products in Turkish kitchens. Apart from spices such as sage, cinnamon, chili pepper, black pepper, cumin, allspice, black cumin, rosemary, white pepper, thyme, bay, cinnamon, powdered red pepper, sumac, there are many different types of spices in our country. Sage is a spice that should be especially organic. While you can use thyme and mint in your soups, you can use rosemary in your meat dishes on grills or fish. Black pepper is, of course, one of the most preferred spices. Although black pepper, which is dry and consists of grains, has a bitter and intense taste, it is an indispensable health element in meals. In addition to the original aroma it adds to the dishes, it also strengthens your health with the vitamin C in it. It is present in almost every dish today and is used all over Turkey. Spice prices vary depending on the type of spice, its quality, whether it is organic and fresh. Especially high quality chili peppers are produced from organic peppers. Even using very little of these peppers will be enough to add flavor and color to the dishes. Cumin is indispensable for meat dishes. Cumin, which is one of the most preferred spices in Turkey, is among the spices that are most suitable for all dishes with its smell and aroma.

Types of Spices

The variety of spices is quite rich. Every country, every culture, every geography has its own spices. Spices are flavor bombs obtained from fruit leaves, plant seeds, plant leaves or vegetables in their dried or fresh form. You can choose different spices to add flavor to your meals.


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