Trabzon Date (Date of Paradise)

How to Dry Trabzon Date?

Persimmon, also known as persimmon, apple of paradise, is one of the most beautiful fruits of autumn.

The persimmon, whose homeland is China, is known as persimmon because Trabzon has spread to our country. It is a fruit that grows in subtropical climates, but it can also be grown in temperate climates.

How to Dry Trabzon Date?

Dried persimmon is a fruit that can be consumed in all seasons with the benefits it provides to the body, as well as it can be consumed by putting it in sweet varieties such as cakes and cookies. Dried persimmon is a great nutritious snack.

How to Dry Persimmon in Home Facilities?


  • First of all, the skins of the fruits are peeled.
  • The peeled persimmons are hung from their stems so that they do not come into contact with each other.
  • The hanging ropes should be very tight.
  • It is hung in a clean area with plenty of sun and left to dry for about 1 month.
  • It is necessary to protect the persimmons left to dry from rainy weather.
  • Dried persimmons are washed and cleaned of dust.
  • Then it is wiped with a clean cloth and left to rest.
  • Rested dates become soft.
  • Dates taken into a storage container are kept in a cool, moisture-free place.

    Tips for Drying Persimmon

    • Persimmons that have not yet matured and hard structure should be selected.
    • Fruits with stems should be preferred in order to facilitate the drying process.
    • Drying time may vary depending on the sun and humidity of the houses.

    Benefits of Trabzon Date

    • It keeps the body temperature in balance.
    • It plays an important role in the prevention of anemia.
    • It increases body resistance and protects against diseases.
    • Persimmon is good for cough when taken in powder form.
    • It regulates the digestive system.

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