Famous Kayseri Ravioli

Famous Kayseri Ravioli


Our Turkish eating and drinking culture is mainly based on pastry and meat. We especially love the dishes that these two have together. Manti comes first among them.

Ravioli is a local dish made by cutting the dough into small squares, putting the filling into squares, closing it in a shape that differs according to the regions, and boiling it in water. Optionally, it can be consumed by burning red chili peppers in oil and garnishing with yoghurt.

Mantı, which differs according to the regions, is made by closing it in the form of an amulet in the Thrace region. As we know, mantı, which is identified with Kayseri, is prepared with the phrase "Forty pieces will fit in a spoon", as we know it. In some regions, it becomes watery in the form of soup. In some places, it is made using walnuts.

Mantı, whose stuffing is generally minced meat, can also be prepared with different stuffing. Undoubtedly, we can say that ravioli, which is loved in every way, is our favorite dish.

History of Manti

Today, whoever we ask may say Kayseri is the land of mantı, but we cannot say that it is actually like that. Manti is a dish of Asian origin. The discovery of mantı dates back to the 13th century. It takes its name from the Chinese word "Mantou" and is a Chinese original dish.

In the 15th century, thanks to the Central Asian Turks, it came to Europe with the Silk Road, which is the world-famous trade route. Ravioli, which took its place in the palace in a short time, became a delicacy consumed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for breakfast and eaten by being cooked in steam by Beyazid II.

Today, ravioli, cooked in broth or boiling water, was a steam-cooked dish in the Ottoman period, in which legumes such as chickpeas were added.

How to Make Ravioli?

The stuffing of the ravioli is blended with finely chopped onion, ground beef, salt and pepper. Those who wish can also add finely chopped parsley and basil.

For the ravioli dough, flour is added to a deep bowl and the middle is opened. A soft dough is obtained by adding eggs, warm water and salt. Let it rest for half an hour with a damp cloth.

The rested dough is divided into meringues, and each meringues are rolled out in a round shape of a certain size with the help of a rolling pin. Opened round meringues are cut into strips, first downwards and then transversely. Today, kitchen tools have been produced to cut the ravioli dough easily. A certain size of the prepared mortar is placed into the square dough and the four ends are combined and closed in the form of a bundle. (There may be different types of covering according to the regions) Flour is sprinkled occasionally so that the ravioli grains do not stick to each other.

Put water in a large pot and boil it. Ravioli are thrown into boiling water to be boiled. While the ravioli is being boiled, garlic is crushed and mixed with yoghurt. On the other hand, the oil is melted in a pan and heated in oil by adding red pepper flakes. Put the cooked ravioli on a plate, pour the prepared garlic yogurt and sauce on it and serve. You can consume our ravioli, which has an incredible taste, by ordering from us.


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