Things to Know About Pistachios

Benefits of Pistachio Juice

The shelled fruit that grows in the gum tree family is called pistachio. For the first time in our country, a production center was established in Gaziantep, but 40% of its production takes place in Şanlıurfa. Pistachio, whose homeland is Turkey-Turkmenistan and Iran, is generally used in making sweets and medicines.

Pistachio has many effects on the human body. Since it is a fruit rich in vitamin B6, the functionality of body organs increases accordingly. Pistachio, which helps to lose weight, emphasizes that people with cancer risk should also consume it frequently, according to experts. It is a fruit that should be consumed frequently by people suffering from diabetes. Every day, 10 pistachios meet the body's need for fat. In addition, 100 grams per day should be consumed to meet the phosphorus, B1, vitamin and protein deficiencies that the body needs.

Benefits of Pistachio Juice

The boiled water of unprocessed Pistachio, which is a vitamin E store, is very effective for skin health. It causes rapid healing of skin conditions such as eczema and fungus. Those who want to maintain nail health can apply this natural water to their nails every two days.

Benefits of Pistachios

  • Thanks to the fat it contains, it prevents weight gain and also gives energy to the body. It allows the blood to circulate more easily throughout the body. It also protects heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Pistachios reduce the risk of conditions such as stroke, high blood pressure and stroke by reducing insulin resistance and simultaneously reducing pressure. Since it balances the amount of sugar in the blood, it is a type of nut that people with diabetes can easily consume.
  • Thanks to its vitamin E content, it reduces the signs of aging. The pulp, which is richer than foods such as rice and wheat, is good for dry skin when boiled and purifies the skin from dead skin.
  • Vitamin B6 in its content renews the cells in the nervous system and strengthens the memory part of the brain. Vitamin B6 has a strong effect not only on the brain but also on the immune system.
  • Thanks to the fiber it contains, it relieves digestion. It helps reduce the risk of ailments such as indigestion and bloating. At the same time, fiber protects the stomach lining and prevents acid formation in the stomach.
  • When the boiled water of pistachios is consumed, it helps to relieve coughing constantly. It is also known to reduce inflammation in the lungs caused by smoking and caffeine consumption.
  • Thanks to the E, C, and B vitamins it contains, it helps to reduce the sand formed in the bladder and kidney diseases more easily.
  • Pistachio, which meets 60% of the phosphorus needed by the body, increases the phosphorus level even if one cup is consumed.
  • Thanks to Pistachio, lutein and zeaxanthin substances, which have a great effect on eye health, it helps to prevent the formation of cataracts by increasing the eye fluid.

      What Should Be Considered While Consuming Pistachios?

      Consuming too much Pistachio causes weight gain. With the oil content it contains, it provides lubrication of the lungs and this causes acne on the skin. Allergic reactions may occur when the protein in its content fights against the vitamins in the immune system.

      Nutritional Value of Pistachios

      For 100 Grams;

      calories 562

      Total Fat 45gr

      potassium 1.025mg

      sodium 1mg

      Carbs 28 g

      Vitamin B6 1.7mg

      Calcium 105mg

      Vitamin C 5.6mg

      cholesterol 0mg

      Protein 20g

      Iron 3.9mg

      Vitamin A 415 IU


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