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Plain Noodles(Eriste)

Plain Noodles(Eriste)

Plain noodles, also known as "sade erişte" in Turkish, are a beloved and traditional dish in Turkish cuisine. The essence of this dish lies in the simplicity yet heartiness of...
Crispy Turkish Bagel - Refa Gida

Crispy Turkish Bagel

Crispy Turkish Bagel Simit is a circular bread popular in Turkey, called street food. Instead of being boiled like a bagel, the twisted circles of dough get a quick dip...
Noodles - Eriste with Vegetables

Noodles(Eriste) with Vegetables

Noodles(Eriste) with Vegetables It is made by adding vegetables to our traditionally homemade noodles. Vegetable Noodles are made from a mixture of beetroot, spinach, carrot, tomato and pepper noodles. Vegetable...
Sahlep - Refa Gida


Sahlep The warm drink of chilly winter days, prepared by drying and grinding the salep plant into powder after being harvested, is at your door with a click. Production place: ...
Refa Food Classic Mixed - Refa Gida

Refa Food Classic Mixed

Refa Food Classic Mixed We brought together the delicious tastes that come out of hand-rolled dough, plenty of pistachios and baking in a stone oven! There are 35/37 slices in...
Chestnut Candy - Refa Gida

Chestnut Candy

Chestnut Candy We bring to your door the chestnut candy, Bursa's famous sherbet dessert, made with chestnuts collected from the summit of Uludağ. Our products do not contain additives. Production...