Nutritional Value and Benefits of Tarhana

Nutritional Value and Benefits of Tarhana

Some foods are identified with certain regions. Tarhana, which is identified with Anatolia, is one of them. It is a nutritious food that is prepared before the winter season and is frequently consumed in the winter months.

Tarhana, a mixture that has been made and consumed in Anatolian lands for thousands of years, is more than just a soup! As is known, the main ingredient of tarhana is grain. It can be used separately, as well as mixed with grain, wheat mixed, flour and semolina, which varies from region to region. It is mixed with yoghurt, milk, yeast, tomatoes, spices and peppers, added according to the region, and left to get rid of. It is consumed as powder and shaped by squeezing.

Today, the consumption of tarhana has increased as well as the increasing consumption of natural products with the effect of the orientation towards healthy and natural nutrition. However, what is curious is the nutritional value of tarhana.

For 100 gr;

Calories 60 kcal 3.0%

Carbs 5.0 g 1.7%

Fiber 0.6 2.2%

Protein 2.3 g 4.6%

Fat 3.3 g 5.1%

Cholesterol 10.8 mg 3.6%

Vitamin A 44.2 IU 0.9%

Vitamin C 6.0 mg 10.1%

Potassium 142.1 mg 4.1%

Calcium 78.4 mg 7.8%

Iron 0.5 mg 2.8%

Benefits of Tarhana

  • It is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It has anti-cancer effect thanks to the vitamins it combines.
  • Protects brain health. It prevents diseases that may occur in later ages. It keeps the brain calm.
  • It has the feature of removing toxins. Tomato products are rich in vitamin A, folic acid. In addition, tomatoes are a source of lycopene.
  • Tarhana is a good source of fiber. It provides a natural feeling of fullness. Therefore, it is a preferred food when dieting.
  • It is beneficial for the upper respiratory tract. It provides pre-treatment against asthma, cold and bronchitis due to the vitamins and minerals it contains.
  • It strengthens the immune system. With the vitamins and minerals it contains, it strengthens the body and protects immunity against external viruses.


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