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Erzincan Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

Erzincan Tulum Cheese

Erzincan Tulum Cheese Tulum cheese gains its bright appearance and smell by being kept for 90 days in the cool air of the highlands. Our cheese made from the milk...
İzmir Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

İzmir Tulum Cheese

İzmir Tulum Cheese It is got from the mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk of the regions located in the northern and western parts of Mount Ida. Izmir tulum...
Roasted Hazelnuts - Refa Gida

Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted Hazelnuts Roasted hazelnut, which is the most favourite of the hazelnut varieties, is carefully selected and extracted for you from high-quality and natural Giresun hazelnuts grown in our country. ...
Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL

Gemlik Table Black Olive XL The characteristic of black olive, which has a special place in our country, which is very rich in terms of olive diversity, emerges when it...
Sun Dried Apricot - Refa Gida

Sun Dried Apricot

Sun Dried Apricot Apricots dried in the sun and without any additives are on your tables with all their flavor.We collect the apricots that its homeland, Malatya presents to the...
Crispy Turkish Bagel - Refa Gida

Crispy Turkish Bagel

Crispy Turkish Bagel Simit is a circular bread popular in Turkey, called street food. Instead of being boiled like a bagel, the twisted circles of dough get a quick dip...
Homemade Tomato Paste - Refa Gida

Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade Tomato Paste The use of tomato paste, which is the wild card element of every dish, is limited only by your imagination. Sun-dried tomato paste, in the Mediterranean region,...
Kars Gruyere Cheese - Refa Gida

Kars Gruyere Cheese

Kars Gruyere Cheese The characteristic of this cheese, which is produced with traditional methods in Boğatepe village of Kars, is as follows; It is a very healthy, nutritious and aromatic...
Divle Obruk Cheese - Refa Gida

Divle Obruk Cheese

Divle Obruk Cheese Obruk cheese, which is among the most delicious cheeses in the world, is obtained only from the milk of goats fed with plants growing in the foothills...
Trabzon Telli - Threaded - Cheese

Trabzon Telli (Threaded) Cheese

Trabzon Telli (Threaded) Cheese Threaded cheese, made from milk obtained from cows fed in the eastern Black Sea highlands, is a yellowish cheese that can be separated and stretches when...
Red Pepper Flakes - Refa Gida

Red Pepper Flakes

Red Pepper Flakes Red chili peppers, which are obtained by drying Kahramanmaraş peppers, which are indispensable in Turkish cuisine, in the sun during the summer months and chopping them into...
Pistachio Kernel - Refa Gida

Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio Kernel Specially harvested pistachios kernels produced by our farmer from his own garden by natural methods between July and August of each year are known as the best pistachios...