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Çanakkale Ezine Cheese - Refa Gida

Çanakkale Ezine Cheese

Çanakkale Ezine Cheese Crushed cheese made with the milk of animals raised in Mount Ida is produced using 75% goat's milk and only shirden yeast. We bring you ezine cheese,...
Erzincan Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

Erzincan Tulum Cheese

Erzincan Tulum Cheese Tulum cheese gains its bright appearance and smell by being kept for 90 days in the cool air of the highlands. Our cheese made from the milk...
İzmir Tulum Cheese - Refa Gida

İzmir Tulum Cheese

İzmir Tulum Cheese It is got from the mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk of the regions located in the northern and western parts of Mount Ida. Izmir tulum...
Kars Kashkaval Cheese - Refa Gida

Kars Kashkaval Cheese

Kars Kashkaval Cheese After the production of kashkaval cheese prepared using the milk of cattle grazing in high-altitude plateaus, it is rested in special cellars. It is prepared by using...
antep peyniri nasıl basılır

Antep Cheese - Traditional Flavor of Gaziantep

Antep Cheese We deliver our cheese, which is produced by boiling in water with the milk of sheep or goats fed in the springs in the highlands in the Gaziantep...
Cecil Cheese - Refa Gida

Cecil Cheese

Cecil Cheese Our cheese, which is obtained from the milk of animals grazing in the natural pastures of Turkey Erzurum , will be indispensable for your tables with its fat-free...
Van Herby Cheese - Refa Gida

Van Herby Cheese

Van Herby Cheese Its unique smell, aroma, pasteurized cow's milk and sirmo grass combine with the star of pastries, Van herb cheese combines with its special sour smell for the...
Kars Gruyere Cheese - Refa Gida

Kars Gruyere Cheese

Kars Gruyere Cheese The characteristic of this cheese, which is produced with traditional methods in Boğatepe village of Kars, is as follows; It is a very healthy, nutritious and aromatic...
Trabzon Telli - Threaded - Cheese

Trabzon Telli (Threaded) Cheese

Trabzon Telli (Threaded) Cheese Threaded cheese, made from milk obtained from cows fed in the eastern Black Sea highlands, is a yellowish cheese that can be separated and stretches when...
Divle Obruk Cheese - Refa Gida

Divle Obruk Cheese

Divle Obruk Cheese Obruk cheese, which is among the most delicious cheeses in the world, is obtained only from the milk of goats fed with plants growing in the foothills...
Mihalic Cheese - Refa Gida

Mihalic Cheese

Mihalic Cheese Mihalic cheese, which is among the most consumed local cheese varieties with its full-fat and high-protein, is a deep pored, oily and low-salt cheese with its creamy taste...
Blue Cheese - Refa Gida

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Our cheese, which we ferment with hygienic methods and which has been proven by scientists to act as penicillin thanks to the beneficial mold it gains during fermentation,...