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Homemade Red Pepper Paste

Homemade Red Pepper Paste

Homemade Chili Paste The peppers used for homemade chili paste, the harbinger of autumn, are prepared and dried with great effort on the hottest days of the summer months. You...
Pistachio Baklava - Refa Gida

Pistachio Baklava

Pistachio Baklava Prepare room for Gaziantep's pistachio baklava, known as the star of desserts, on your table. We produce and deliver this magnificent taste in order that you can feel...
Cecil Cheese - Refa Gida

Cecil Cheese

Cecil Cheese Our cheese, which is obtained from the milk of animals grazing in the natural pastures of Turkey Erzurum , will be indispensable for your tables with its fat-free...
Sun Dried Apricot - Refa Gida

Sun Dried Apricot

Sun Dried Apricot Apricots dried in the sun and without any additives are on your tables with all their flavor.We collect the apricots that its homeland, Malatya presents to the...
Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana - Refa Gida

Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana

Uşak Style Turkish Tarhana Yöresel ürünler arasında yer alan Uşak tarhanası, uzun süre bozulmaması ve tazeliğini koruması için doğal malzemelerle özenle ve özenle hazırlanır. Bağışıklık sisteminin tacı olan Uşak tarhanası,...
Homemade Tomato Paste - Refa Gida

Homemade Tomato Paste

Homemade Tomato Paste The use of tomato paste, which is the wild card element of every dish, is limited only by your imagination. Sun-dried tomato paste, in the Mediterranean region,...
Crispy Turkish Bagel - Refa Gida

Crispy Turkish Bagel

Crispy Turkish Bagel Simit is a circular bread popular in Turkey, called street food. Instead of being boiled like a bagel, the twisted circles of dough get a quick dip...
Antep Style Pitted Green Olives

Antep Style Pitted Green Olives

Antep Style Pitted Green Olives Crafted according to the traditional recipes of Antep cuisine, our green olives are freshly-prepared and free from additives and glucose, making them an ideal addition...
Stuffed with Pistachio - Wrapped

Stuffed with Pistachio (Wrapped)

Stuffed with Pistachio (Wrapped) Are you ready to meet the delicious form of pistachio?Our stuffed with pistachio (wrapped wrap) dessert, which is made with the perfect combination of hand-rolled thin...
Turkish Muska with Pistachio

Turkish Muska with Pistachio

Turkish Muska with Pistachio The delicious taste that emerges from the combination of the fruit pulp and pistachios we got from the local grape molasses of Gaziantep. You won't be...
Van Herby Cheese - Refa Gida

Van Herby Cheese

Van Herby Cheese Its unique smell, aroma, pasteurized cow's milk and sirmo grass combine with the star of pastries, Van herb cheese combines with its special sour smell for the...
Luxury Twice Roasted Pistachios - Refa Gida

Manisa Pickled Leaf

Manisa Pickled Leaf The white grape leaves, which are soft and without veins and are meticulously picked while the leaves are fresh, are pickled in a natural way so that...